…is what I believe in. I love exploring and my dream is to travel the world! To me, seeing new things , new culture is a learning experience in your own way. No schools can teach you that and no one can open your mind except when yourself when you’re exploring the world.

Read about some of my travel experience here

Places I aim to visit!!

Bangkok, Thailand 
Koh Lipe, Thailand 
Chiang Rai & Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Koh Phanga, and all the other “KOH’ in Thailand
Vietnam – checked Ho Chi Minh, still left Hanoi, and Hoi An and Mui Ne
Hong Kong 
Australia – Melbourne and Sydney checked. Would love to visit Adelaide, Tasmania and Brisbane
The Disneylands. Like all of them!!
London and UK.
Road trip in New Zealand
South Korea – checked Seoul but would love to visit Busan too!
Maldives.. for a romantic getaway.
Beijing, Shanghai and Xi An – China
Taipei, Kaushung – Taiwan

and my list goes on and on and on…..