about huskymama

i am in late twenties (on the way to 30 soon). i think i am born 3 inches to short. i am thin (not slim) and definitely trapped in this midget size body. Though i have my flaws, but i still love myself each and everyday more…I’m now huskymama and everyday is a new adventure with this little monster.

two years ago when I started a conversation with my boyfriend on getting a pet. I ended up getting a lop ear rabbit and name it ‘Chi’ means pee in Japanese and psyched myself going into rabbits. I love him btw! Especially when it shoots out poop like a machine gun every time you carry him! But after about a month, we started a conversation about wanting to get a puppy. Maybe a mini poodle because, a rabbit is really isn’t the same as a puppy. And I’ve been with dogs for most of my life.

And then… here goes the sentence ‘I like a siberian husky’ – coming out from my boyfriend’s mouth. I’m like seriously? They’re majestic and all but they’re really meant for the cold weather, plus look how bushy their fur coat is. I prefer really a golden retriever if you ask me.

I was already on pet finder the minute the sentence pop out – searching for a cute golden retriever. So there was a moment, I almost became a retriever mama instead. But then, I got really convinced by my boyfriend about, you know the concept of Siberian husky.. and I was going through pictures and all and they were really handsome! Then we saw a couple walking a red Siberian husky in the neighbourhood at night, and then I got possessed. LOL.

I went home, in the toilet doing you know the ‘business’ and I was on my phone searching on pet finder  “Siberian husky puppy for sale”. And then it pops out this really cute blue eye boy, black and white coat, looks damn angry but full of character. (Well from the picture it is). So I made a whatsapp text and he replied. The next day we visit the breeder in klang. Yes KLANG!!!! All the way there just to see a puppy. No-rash decision I tell myself. Don’t get it until you’re sure I told my boyfriend.  Then there goes, he put two puppies down. I was making screams and sounds to get their attention. And that little blue eye boy with angry face that cost us a price of a smartphone, charmed me and then I became his mama on that day! We went to daiso to get all the pet supplies. We wasn’t ready, we were rash and impulsive. We got him back with no plans….! Getting a Siberian husky with no plans is the MOST DANGEROUS thing in the world!

One night full of love, cuteness and cuddles. We were so happy. Until he was sick, so very sick. And then cut the long story short, we’ve endured the pain of pet medical bills, sleepless night, picking up poop every where, stepping on wet pee and finding your home a mess. And don’t miss out all the scolding and screaming in between. Then we thought we learned our lesson; we couldn’t bear the loneliness of our husky boy. My boyfriend and I ended up getting another husky pup. Greyish white with beautiful almond eye and huge bunny ears. Then the cycle continues.

And that’s how it all began…. My life as a huskymama.





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