When City Slickers (DOGS) Met Nature!

Its been long since I last blogged about any topic. Dog Nanny-ing can be a tough job sometimes, and I must say once in a while, we need to take a break (even for a really short quick one) 😛

We wanted to get away from the usual hustle bustle city. We checked out some few pet friendly resorts which can bring along our monsters and honestly, it’s really just so little in our country. (I meant for big monsters) We read and stumble upon a post from 3 years ago that The Dusun, Seremban can allow dogs, so I started my research on them.

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I was quite surprised that there’s really so little blog post / or reviews about dog owners bringing their furkids over there , … (comparing the reviews and post from Ruby’s beach resort in Cherating). We didn’t want to travel far so we decided that Seremban seems like a good option.

Before I confirm my booking, I actually called to ask if two large breed dogs are allowed and I mentioned specifically is Siberian Husky. And as long as we followed their guidelines which is in their page, they are OK with it.

My plans involved chilling with the dogs, waterfall trekking, and mainly you know just be adventurous… 

I don’t want to disappoint any dog owners,  let me frankly put a heads up first; the rest of the post is going to sound a bit negative… Non of our plans go as we expected, so my 2 days 1 night with my dogs was pretty stressful! So. don’t get your expectations too high. 

Let’s start with the good ones! 

  1. It’s really only just 45 minutes drive there. This is especially important when you have a car sick dog, or two large breeds in a tiny car. It’s a less stressful journey for them.

2. The house we booked has its own patio and private gates, so our dogs can freely run around. I can chill in the patio and supervise my monsters. PLUS, there’s a pool I can just jump down!


3. Its the nature, so there’s really just full of grass and trees. For us a giant toilet for dogs! Good for those dogs that are trained to go outdoors.


And the NOT so good ones; 

1. We paid RM500 per night for a weekday non peak period. There’s no aircond, and no TV. I get where they coming from, but for the price this much a night, I was hoping there’s at least an aircond / cooler? I mean sometimes I just want to be indoors, and just chill for a bit before going outdoors. (Especially when days get hotter) I was expecting too much for the price. Personal opinion, I would think I’m paying a 5 star rate for a 3 star room. The house we’re staying should be worth only RM200 max – on a non peak days.

2. There’s gigantic amount of oversize lizards. I really hate lizards, geckos, reptiles, whatever you call it.

3. We planned to go to a waterfall, jungle trek, whatever I can walk the dogs. But I have been multiple times misinformed and got really lost in a land I don’t familiar. So there was a map, but a really confusing ones, so our walks was really half hearted and no satisfaction.  So we ended up just staying in the house.


4. We saw the river we wanted to go, but we can’t get down, because of the steep slope. I was informed in email that my dogs can try the river, but there’s no way we can get down. There’s no track for us ‘humans’  to even go down what more our dogs?

5. The pool aren’t dogs allowed, but my dogs got cranky and there’s no barrier I can block them from jumping down. (This I blame Cloudy… he’s stupid for not following rules!)


6. Though we have spacious patio with private gate, but the gates are quite flimsy. If my dogs wants to get out, they can just push through without effort. So I was on constant supervision for my monsters because they can really push out when they see a bird outside, and probably jumped into the pool and swim across. 😛

7. Breakfast was yummy, but too little amount. I was hoping for a buffet breakfast and enjoy the greenaries. You know the feeling eating non stop while enjoying the time. Period!


8. They don’t provide dinner, or neither you can order on the spot. You can pre-order for them to cook, but it’ll cost you RM80 for a 3 course meals. Nope, I’m not paying that. So you either gotta do BBQ or you BYO Food – which is a hassle for us because we’ve got two dogs to handle and still need to cook our own food.

So our personal opinion, would we go back there? Nope. With the price we pay in Airbnb dog friendly houses, I can get more out of it.

But for those who really enjoy nature and wants to be in that moment with their furkids, this would be a nice place for them. I’m sure there are some who likes this kinda adventure. For us we’re really just city slickers and our dogs got homesick.

The last time, we remembered going on a road trip with our ‘monsters’  was 2 years ago – to Cameron Highlands; you can read back the post if you are planning for a trip up there with your doggies 🙂 And Cameron Highlands, was really a better stay. We paid RM400 per night but with a really private and spacious place with complete furnitures, and TV!


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