What shampoo we use on our dogs?

With our hot humid, sometimes rain sometimes sunshine weather, we constantly have to deal with our dogs smell and stuffs that are crawling or growing on their skin & coat. I absolutely understand the struggles of dogs owners who love bringing their active dogs outdoor and worries they caught something back, and so my journey of being #1 KIASU pet owner to try out the shampoos in the market! (First on our sniff squads of course)

The ones that can penetrate into their husky thick coats, to the ones that can easily remove their undercoat…to the ones that can moisturize and deep cleanse their coat… to the ones that can actually repels ticks …to the ones that provides anti-fungal agents, … to the ones that are anti-bacterial for outdoor dogs.  Whichever.. you name it. Price is also a factor too ya’know. So we were seeing which ones suit us best with the best results, low to no skin reaction to our dogs and best price lah!

We said bye bye to soft or silky coat shampoos on our huskies because I am a practical person. I’d like to use what suits our lifestyle rather than show quality. So we want our dogs outdoors and we want them CLEAN. Besides, for soft silky coat on huskies —> try giving them salmon oil or salmon meat. It helps tremendously! 

And my verdict is, ….. *drum rolls*

Out of the many different brands of shampoos, the ones that I personally prefers would be this Petto Professional Flea & Tick Shampoo. Using only natural ingredients, it spells good many ways, and it does seems like its doing their repelling job too. Of course, you must always ensure your dog is on preventive measures too! It cleanses thoroughly to my huskies coat leaving it clean and refreshing.

AAAAAHHHHHH … the smells of clean and fresh huskies are the most huggable creatures ever! 

I like the part where it says, “naturally and effectively” 😛

The best part for kiasu people like me is who thinks that the more foam it is, the cleaner your dogs is, – the shampoo is actually quite cost effective. With a little amount diluted with water it can shampoo really well (with foam!) and leaving coat clean and fresh. The keyword is clean and fresh.

TIP: How I’d used it instead of squirting the shampoo gel and rub it all over – I have it diluted with water and scrub them. One bottle can actually last longer than squirting the gel and lathering on their coat. So this way is more effective.

After scrubbing them, I’d usually leave it on for about 2 minutes, and use the coat scrub to comb out the foam around their coat. (You can get the scrub from the DAISO only RM5.30) And then completely rinse off with water. For long coats, you can always add on the conditioner layer on top and rinse off.

The only problem I have with this shampoo is that my hand feels dry after bathing them. But Nivea body lotions always works – so remember to use your hand lotion after cleaning them. 

The reason I prefer using Flea & Ticks shampoo on a regular basis because (it’s obvious our climate) is where ticks and fleas are everywhere and breeding all the time. Also because our dogs spends half the day outdoors sniffing grass, socializing with other dogs, chasing cats and squirrels to rubbing on cat poop (which is exactly how we want our dogs to be dogs..) To be better safe than sorry, with the growing numbers of dogs dying from tick fever … I’d go for this! Its not like my preventive medicine doesn’t work, I just ya’ know, hate those stuffs crawling into their dogs body and then made a nest at home – and then I have to shave them off. I DO NOT SUPPORT SHAVING UNDERCOAT. I VOW TO NEVER SHAVE OUR HUSKIES UNTIL THE VERY LAST SOLUTION.

Bottom line is #IAMKIASU. even my dog has the kiasu face. 

The bottle of this Petto Professional Flea & Tick shampoo for 250ML cost RM35.90, probably can only last our huskies, about 4 -5 baths which I think its pretty pricey in the market. But I wouldn’t mind since my dogs smells good, repels ticks and even mosquitoes *ding* . LOL .. so why not?! 

Anyway as you’d already know, I’m also a business owner / dog nanny / dog groomer at BOWHouse Pet Salon, and yes we do use this shampoo on our furry guests who stay with us for furry-cation too. (I am very anal about ticks and fleas) It’s for preventive measures each of them to be showered with this. They socialize and mix around all the time. If a tick comes in, it’s gonna have a house party here if we don’t stop it. LOL.

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. All trial products are the results using on our dogs first. 


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