Bowhouse Pets; the journey begins…

I am now relaxing with the furballs and tuning in Lady Antebellum songs (which I very much believe they love it too!). They do have a good sense of music.. i can see that!

I’ve been wanting to blog about the set up of  Bowhouse Pet Salon – the before and after. LOL.  It’s been slightly over a month since we opened our doors to the public. And though we didn’t meet our first monthly KPI, but we’re SO EXTREMELY glad and thankful for everyone who came and supported us. And of course we’re very thankful every time someone gave us a review or feedback on our page. It really motivates us to do better! And I love receiving feedback!

The journey has been like a ‘roller coaster’ ride since the day we started on this project – from lingering thoughts, pen down plannings, brainstorming to decision making. Along the process we made many mistakes (both emotionally and cost damaging) But we are assured is part of the learning process. I am always reminded that it’s the process that matters not the end result. There are many days and moments I felt really exhausted. Making decisions is my biggest fear – because I am always afraid that it may be the wrong decision, wrong move, wrong path (I am really bad at seeing people’s intention) … and I’m glad to have people around me – always reminding and nagging me to push forward, and do it with all you have!

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave; where you are going, there is neither working, nor planning, nor knowledge, nor wisdom.” – Ecclesiastes 9:10 

In everything we do, we do our best we can. It’s the principle we bring setting up our new business and its the value we will continue on … even when we hire new furry assistance and pet stylist; we made sure they have the passion, the knowledge and more importantly the ‘will’ to do their very best in everything they put their hands on (not just for us, but for themselves as well) .

At our ‘house’ – the dogs comes first; and we take this as our number one priority! Creating a ‘dog balance’ lifestyle is what we want to achieve. It takes a whole nation to raise a country. It takes a whole neighborhood to raise a child. Well then – it takes a whole dog community to raise a dog.  We believed that #DogsAreFamilyToo, and they too have needs and motivation, thus we are creating the community that’s lacking in our country.

We are not experts. We have no scientific prove of research or whatsoever. But we are merely sharing our knowledge (based on trial and error of our own experience) in caring for our dogs needs, what works for us and what doesn’t. Just like all children are beautiful, .. here all dogs are beautiful regardless they are pure, mix or mongrels. They’re all the same and required the same dog balance lifestyle.

So, let’s start with taking a look at the “before” of Bowhouse Pet Salon premise. We’ve been searching for the best and suitable premise to start our little project, but it took quite a while to be able to find one and we’ve been through quite a bit of unpredictable mistakes and unforeseen cost involved before we’re able to secure it.

We have very little in our bank account to begin with… 

‘If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all’  – Isaiah 7:9 

Despite the hurdles and foolish mistakes I made and inconveniences to many people, we have to move on… and trust that this is part of the learning process.
We found a premise that some may think is too overprice, and too costly to sustain. But we’re comfortable with it (in fact we felt like home to us) and it’ is very close to home, conveniently located in the cosy part of the neighborhood. It’s just perfect! (Like hubby said it)

Because we have not much left in our bank account, we very much design and DIY the premise ourselves. Its the most minimalist renovation we’ve seen! We hope we can slowly do upgrading. We searched high and low for freelance contractors / or individuals to negotiate and discuss material cost and workmanship following the design we wanted (mostly inspired from pinterest.. :)) LOL.

Well the majority of the interior design and concept, I gotta give credit to huskydaddy. He’s the designer, advisor and boss! 🙂

About two weeks to our renovation, IKEA shopping, completing minor fixtures and getting supplies… we’re able to open our doors; inviting only close friends  and friends whom we known personally to have a furry-kid to come check out our place.

And a week later, we officially opened our doors to the public! And since then, it has been a very fulfilling and awesome journey. We learnt many things in the process and we’re so happy to hear great feedback from our furry paw-parents on what we can consider to improve our playground and our services to be better.

We’ll always strive to better serve our furry guest and we’ll never stop improving and upgrading as we go along. And I especially love doing it (even if we don’t earn that much of marginal revenue.. ) Again, its a community of dogs first we’re building as priority. 

A silent prayer buried deep in my heart made to my heavenly Father … and the answer I receive.

‘Sow your seed in the morning and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that or whether both will do equally well’ – Ecclesiates 11:6

And the promise… 

‘If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land’ – Isaiah 1:19

Together with a vision …

“Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights” – Isaiah 7:10

…so clearly in my dream; its like deja-vu with the background looking so alike to our playground.

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

For more awesome pictures and happenings on our new business venture, click on Bowhouse Pet Salon and give us a ‘LIKE’ too!

Bowhouse Pet Salon is conveniently located just behind 1Utama Shopping Mall @ Bandar Utama, PJ. 

1st Floor, Dataran Pelangi Avenue,
Jalan Masjid, 47400, Petaling Jaya.
(Just search us on Waze App, and it’ll take you to us right away!)

Contact / Whatsapp :
+6 016 933 7101

We provide one-to-one focus on your dog’s interaction, temperament and behavior; even on the grooming table. We have professional grooming services, free to roam indoor playground, interactive pet sitting facilities and a specialty store carrying only quality products.


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