The good, the bad, the ugly and the BEAUTIFUL

We were extremely busy on our new project and now I can finally just settle a little (while having a furry guest sleeping next to me relaxing.. ) and re-living the past one month!

My feelings right now — excited, anxious, afraid, restless but REALLY joyful. I never really understood when people say ‘if you’re working on something you love to do – it is an ever flowing joy’ – NOW I really do feel it.

I cannot say there aren’t bad times, or unhappiness. But I’m learning how to move on and only focus on what’s important. I cannot make everyone happy, but I can be a better person for myself, a nicer person, a kinder person and more compassionate. And that is exactly the principle of how BOWHouse Pet Salon come about. It’s definitely not just an idea set up during shower. It’s not something that we think is good business and its also not just about passion for dogs. … It’s creating the community of ‘balanced dogs’ , the community where people will stop misjudging dog’s, and definitely (confirm sure) a journey – an experience to learn and go through life one step at a time. Dogs can change a person, and it teaches us so much more, and thus we want to spread this. 

It’s better to walk a thousand miles than to just go to school. (IN this case, it’s better to experience the uncomfortable than to just read about it). I’m always inspired by people who stepped out of their comfort zone to do the uncomfortable. I have been living 29 years being a spoilt princess (that’s how my hubby puts it) and being in a comfort bubble far too long… that I couldn’t feel or empathize what is reality. In another way to put it, I’m in the world of my own.

disclaimer : I am not implying that going to school is useless. My point is to say that school and books can’t teach everything unless you go through it… I tried to be metaphoric, but i kinda fail.. so forgive me.  

There were definitely lots of lingering feelings before taking this step. There were also many improper plans and inconveniences caused to many people. I have also hurt many people along the way. I was also hurt too by many people whom I trust. And were also cheated by people whom I assumed were good. (This really tell that the world is round…) Along the way I took granted for far too many things and it took me a long time and people to pushed me to do it. (I’m always procrastinating – like all the time. Still do now .. just maybe slightly lesser) 

I’m writing this out so that this can be a reminder to me years later when I am different person – (either a better person, or a more arrogant person – i don’t know). BUT at least I have this as a record to either motivate me to do better when I’m at another turning point (or breaking point) and or a reminder to myself of how we first started and how many people around us whom have sincerely supported, encouraged and taught us.

I need to know that everything is not a coincidence or luck. But it is by the will of God (my Father in Heaven) who are forgiving, kind and ever promising to me. And I am grateful for his abundant overflowing blessings. ‘Ask and it shall be given’. Have faith, pray for bad times, praise for good times – is what I keep in my heart – and a prayer I heard. TRUST in Him, was the biggest lesson I am learning on a daily basis right now.

It was at the brink when I was going astray from Him; I had a vision so clear it’s like I’d just lived in the future and came back. And deep in my heart, I look up to Him, I seek Him for answers, – instead of asking why, I learnt to ask how. And it took me a long time  to figure out and realized that I needed to be out of my comfort bubble, and go into the uncomfortable. – in order to mature.

It’s easier to be said than done.

Everyday is a learning curve. Just yesterday I had an incident at my newly opened (just 3 weeks in operation) pet salon, that drove me to tears nearly. I was so scared, afraid and worried, I didn’t know what to do. And I’m glad my hubby is there with me, and reminding me that I need to be calm. I need to stay calm, people need me to be calm. – So not everyday is sunshine and butterflies ya’know. And thankfully for God, things were settled, but a good lesson learnt. It takes just ‘one second mistake’ so that you can be taught to do better. And being sad and dwelling over it won’t make everything better. Instead, move on and doing something about it.

Now that I have bigger responsibilities, there were many times I feel really stressed out (in a good way). There were many sleepless nights brainstorming on how we can do better. But it changes me, sometimes good sometimes bad. There were also times I was really positive and also times I was really negative. But I’m always and constantly reminded that the world is beautiful and everyone deserves a second chance. Just live one day at a time.

Nobody said being an entrepreneur is easy. Well, yea it’s kinda cool if you put it in the title, but really my job scope consist of everything ; from toilet cleaning, dog nanny, markerter, groomer, accountant .. etc etc. (or anything where the business needed you – except being a boss).

And this is so fulfilling!

Seeing the furry guest coming in and going back happy – shows that I’ve planted an impactful ‘small seed’ in them. We reap what we sow – and we’re sowing love, happiness, kindness, truths, honesty, understanding and compassion.

I believe in God, one day – they’ll be able to grow beautifully.

I’ll always be reminded that everything I had today, tomorrow, and the day after is nothing of a coincidence, or luck BUT a kind will of God and his blessings. And that’s true test of character when the time come. It’s the process that matters not the end result. 

I wanted to also share, if you have something you want to do; a desire for change, a dream, a passion – just go for it. Always keep in mind, that changes is a true test to yourself (not to please anyone or look glamorous) It’s a test of life, because you only get to live one lifetime. And once you started this journey, things will change – drastically starting from yourself and the people around… even your furry-kids.

It’s never going to be easy, but it’s a choice I made – for myself for once. 

BOWHOUSE Pet Salon – is now opened to welcome every furry and their paw-parents!
We provide one-to-one focus on your dog’s interaction, temperament and behavior; even on the grooming table. At our ‘house’ – the dogs comes first, and we take this as a priority!

We’re not here to traumatize, we’re not here to force, but really just what your dog needs – ‘the balance’ and letting them be their natural self.

And this is where it’s good, it’s bad, it’s ugly and it’s BEAUTIFUL at the same time.

To advertise a little bit 😛 – For more information or ask us about our interactive boarding & day care facilities or make a booking for grooming, do whatsapp / call us at +6 016 933 7101 OR hit ‘ like’ on our facebook page to stay up to date on the happenings at out house. #BowhousePets #HuskymamaTurnWoofNanny


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