Should I apply for dog license?

The answer is YES!

Before I go on, let me confess my procrastination crime. It took me or should I say “we” almost 3 years to apply for one. There were many excuses to stop us from even taking the step to submit / or at least inquire to apply for a dog license.

First we said – we lived in a 800sqf condo so practically we were hiding two husky puppies back then. Then we told ourselves, the state will never grant us an approval (I mean having two large breeds obviously they won’t allow it in a condo unit). Then we told ourselves we don’t need one because we’re always indoor anyway… And then there were times we said that if our dogs were lost, at least there’s a microchip should be sufficient to identify and so on and on and on….

Now that we’ve finally settled down in a premise, we think it should be time to apply for one. BUT again, my excuse was going to the state government or to be exact based on my residency location, its MBPJ (Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya) – I have heard many hassle-stories about making a visit there… so I dread and were really dreading to go there.

Then one day, huskydaddy made a statement that we should at least apply for it. You know grant them an identity just in case if anything happen (murphy’s law) and for instances, like, having unfriendly people purposely finding fault with us;  we know that we are properly registered. Please be reminded that if your dog do not have a registered license, they have every right to compound your dog and you’ll need to pay RM150 to release them.. (according to the PJ state council) So to avoid and unforeseen circumstances that ‘might happen’ casualties, YES, WE BETTER GET OUR DOGS REGISTERED! 

Cut the long story short, applying for a dog license is actually PRETTY EASY if you get all the documents ready beforehand!

So here, I am going to share the procedure on what you need and how to apply for a dog license.

Firstly, this is applicable to resident location in Petaling Jaya state. (it means, as long as your house address has the word”Petaling Jaya” in it, all licensing is to direct it to MBPJ office). You’ll need to head over to Menara MBPJ at Jalan Tengah. Just type this on waze and it’ll get you there in easy peasy. Their opening time is surprisingly 8.30am (Monday – Friday, except weekends and public holidays)

Tip: be there at the counter by 8.30am sharp, and try to be the first one! It’s also easier to get parking in the morning too.

Applying for dog license minus only takes you about 30 minutes! And you’ll get your license done there and then!  This was actually quite surprising to me. Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier or maybe I haven’t done enough research….

So long you have the all the documents below ready. 

  1. Copy of your dog’s vaccination card. It needs to complete all 3 vaccination and please do a photocopy in color.
  2. Copy of your dog’s image (must be able to see full body size clearly and in colour). And it has to be at least 3R photo size.
  3. Picture of your residing  house. This can be a bit tricky. At first they requested for a picture of the front door and must be able to see roof, but they actually rejected that picture of mine but took the one shot at the backyard space. I did ask why and they said that they wanted to be able to see the outside premise. It was a good thing I actually took a few pictures of my house environment for them to pick and choose. #AlwaysHaveBackUpTip: snap a few pictures of your house environment, better still the place they sleep, shows a crate and place to do wee wee. So long your pictures feel comfortable for your dogs. It’s OK if they comment your dog has such good life. 😛 That’s what we want hahaha.
  4. Bring a pen, glue and scissors – you’ll need it and bring enough cash too!

And here’s what you need to do once you have compiled all the documents: 

When you reach Menara MBPJ, go to level 6 (licensing department) and at the counter, take your number and then tell them is to apply ‘lesen untuk anjing’. Then they’ll pass you a form (pink in colour) and an invoice for you to pay RM2.

You’ll need the invoice and go down to level 3, take number and make your RM2 payment. Then go back up to level 6 counter and fill in the pink coloured form. (This is where your pen, glue and scissors comes into play.. You need to stick the pictures into the form)

Once you’re done with this, go back to the counter and the officer will review everything and you will be asked if you want to apply for 1 year or 3 years. To avoid hassle, just apply for 3 years lah.. (is only RM10 per year per dog. )

Then they’ll do some typing, some registering and less than 10 minutes after submitting the form they’ll pass you another pink invoice to pay for your license, which you need to go back down to level 3, make payment (in cash terms only) and then go back to level 6 and give them the payment receipt.

In exchange you’ll get your pink boned badge with the license number. And that’s it. DONE!

30 minutes done, if you’re the first person to arrive at the counter.


Anyway, the crowd isn’t that much, so your waiting time is not horrendous. Over the years, I am pretty confident that the government offices have improve the processes by a lot!

And then I happily announced in my heart, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and wondered why did it took us so long to do it! LOL. 



If you have any questions or doubts.. their 24 hour hotline number is quite responsive too. I called at 7am in the morning, just to double check I have everything ready before I visit, and I didn’t have to wait long for the call to be picked up. Kudos MBPJ hotline! You can dial 03-79542020 or you may visit their website here.

There are some people asking if condominiums are pets allowed. Well, for Kuala Lumpur state, I can say yes for 1 small breed size dog per minimum 900sqf unit. (This is according to a reference I read on DBKL website). You may read about it here too. To be honest, I’ve never apply anything from DBKL before, but I know that now you can apply dog license via their DBKL e-Dog application – which is seriously damn convenient!  You just need to create a login account and you get to apply / or renew your dog’s license online. Go to this portal if you’re residency area is under Kuala Lumpur or any location under DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) 

For MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya), the last I read – do not allow any pets on high-rise building, so I’m not sure if they now allow it since many states in Klang Valley do. I did ask MBPJ and their form is open ended fill – so it means you can fill in condo unit too and an area to fill in home unit square meter,  and they’ll look at the pictures.. They did not specify that condominium do not allow any dogs for application.

If you search for ‘are dogs allowed in condos?‘ you’ll probably find some answers yourself. I still find it quite in the ‘grey area’ because its like they specify it officially but didn’t specify anything concrete… But I believed that as long as we don’t cause any disturbance to our neighbors and try to be more considerate, this country will slowly accept the #DogsAreFamilyToo culture.


Feel free to give me a ‘like’ or ‘share’ if you find this helpful! I hope now you’ll worry less about applying dog license and also stop procrastinating like I did before.

Giving our dogs an official license is a sense of achievement. (haha) 




  1. Thank you for the excellent and very helpful blog post about getting a dog permit. I got mine today (after several months of procrastination) and the process was exactly the same as you explained so all hassle free. The only difference is that it is all done in the MBPJ’s offices near Menara MBPJ now – behind the Papparich restaurant. Thanks again for the helpful information!

  2. Wow!!! I’m so eager to rush to mbpj to apply dog license for my dogs as well after reading your post!! PS: I’m staying in a condo too. People have been telling me that I will not be qualified to get licence for them TT

  3. I am staying in landed for almost 5 years and have 3 dogs didn’t have any problem. Then recently dbkl come and disturb us, I have a week left to get my dogs license. Got 1 today, 2 to go. They say only 1 dog allowed in my premise. Wondering if it is true, so many households here have more than 3 dogs. Why target me.

  4. Recently moved to Kuala Lumpur city limits.So i guess DBKL rules apply for me. How many dogs are allowed in landed bungalow? I keep reading conflicting reports, some say 2, some say 4. Looking for any official document or link for clarity. Wish the elicense site worked in english. The elicence website is

  5. The DBKL have an FAQ section which says in KL limits, only 2 dogs allowed per bungalow also even over 330 sq metres.

    “The number of dogs allowed to be maintained:

    1. Type of Residence – Bungalow / Terrace / Factory
    Less than 300 square meters (3229.2 sq ft) – only 1 dog
    Area over 300 square meters (3229.2 square feet) – Not more than 2 dogs
    * If the application is rejected, the applicant may appeal. The appeal will be processed within 14 working days

    2. Type of Residence / Town House / Condo / Buildings
    The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur may authorize a small dog (Small Dog) to be protected, protected or maintained in a flat.”

    Is there any official link on information on how many dogs per bungalow are allowed in PJ?

  6. Hi! So glad we read you post! Can I just please ask,means you apply your dog license with your condo photo? Exactly what photo did you took that they approved? Like you said, when I last ask they wanna see the whole “outside” house compound, but there is no “outside” in a condo! Thank you in advanced.

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