Huskymama turned Certified Pet Groomer

After 11 long months; I finally passed my certified groomer exam! Previously I have blog about my decision to make the change beginning of the year (back in February)… you can read it back here. I decided I wanted to acquire the skills of pet grooming.

Throughout these period of time, I have gone from really passionate, really motivated, to really depressed and then to really believe ‘I can do it’. There are moments, really quick tiny moments I wanted to give up on this. I laugh and I cry in between … plus so many other incidents and hindrances that goes against what I want to trials that really changes my perspectives.  I mean, ‘hey is only a pet grooming certificate… how hard can it be?’ Let me tell you, is not just a certificate, is changes for me.

I really appreciate all the teachers who put up with my lousy attitude, and ever willing to teach me the proper way of caring and grooming our little furry friends. On top of that, I’ve also learnt many values and different perspectives from them. I skipped many classes, I was afraid of aggressive dogs, i get frustrated easily… and so on. But when I made the decision to take up this, I am glad that all the teachers in the academy made sure I finish what I started, and they’re ever so patient enough to made sure I learnt the right knowledge. 13015653_10154299245414610_1363951155677253779_n

Thank you to all the teachers in Groomers Connection Academy; their patience, their love for animals, and definitely their knowledge. I hope I have been a good student to all and I am going to spread the wings you’ve helped strengthen.

Forgive my tired eyes and face. I was really pressured during the exam but I am so glad I made it. It’s not the best I did during my course of time, but the most important thing is, I know I can do better!

It’s a roller coaster ride for me and is still going to be; but I am now a better person equipped with knowledge and the right attitude to learnt that whatever I put my mind into, I can achieve it!

And here are some memories I made (and a little portfolio of my work …. :P)


All these little furry babies who gave their 100% trust on a rookie like me and have made this rookie a better person! I am now ready to take on the whole new world. 

If you’d want to learn, acquire and improve your skills, you can check out Groomers Connection Academy.  


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