How I scare the ‘shit’ out of myself…

I had an aching pain on my tummy (not exactly at the tummy) but slightly to the left side close to my abdomen, for about… say two days straight. That aching pain is not something unfamiliar to me because it has been around for some time (about a year…) and usually the pain goes away after about two or three hours. So I never really take it as a problem and simply dismissed as something I ate on that day, or it’s just gas.

And few days, a pain that started 2 1/2 days ago after a meal at a Korean restaurant ( kim chi ji gae.. my comfort food). There was a bit of stingy aching at the same familiar spot, but I slept over it and was trying to hold on to that pain and as usual, telling myself ‘it’ll go away later‘. The next day, I feel like my stomach is just full of gas. ‘Could be the kim chi you know…‘ and I didn’t really have any appetite; but I force myself down with some breakfast, a little bit lunch (left unfinished) and definitely only soup for dinner and dismissed myself as having normal gastric. Took Gaviscon and went to bed.

Something to note here, I have not been letting out (a.k.a. poop) since the morning before my kim chi ji gae meal. And it hit me rather unusual, so I spent the next morning sitting on the toilet bowl… (sorry if I am disclosing too much here) a little longer, on my iPhone checking emails and waiting for something to come out. But well it didn’t – ‘maybe tonight‘ I tell myself – it didn’t. For two and a half days, – nothing came out. I’m surprised at how ignorant and irresponsible I am to my own life; I choose to think that this is normal, knowing that this is a recurring issue of (having constant gastric, constipation and bowel bleeding in the past). I have been told to see a doctor, and I irresponsibly shut it off by saying the pain will go… But then this time, it didn’t.

On the morning of the 3rd day, the pain is still there and it stings every time I make a movement. I actually thought it could be appendicitis! And I was so scared I may need to do an operation. That’s when I decided to go see a doctor, and it scares the shit out of me when she (the clinic’s GP doctor)  said she couldn’t conclude what’s causing it, so I better go for an ultra sound and urine test.. She did said it could be cysts, or it could be urine infection, or it could be something swelling at that part. All of it sounds extremely scary to me.


And in the next 30 minutes, I found myself admitted to emergency ward, for screening, testing and etc. 4 hours later, the conclusion is… I was admitted to the emergency ward for constant irregular bowel movement, in short CONSTIPATION. I found myself so embarrassed by it. This shouldn’t be an emergency situation, as long as I keep a healthy regular lifestyle. So the doctor explained why am I having this constant aching & stingy pain on and off, because there’s something constantly ‘stucked’ there, and is compiling and not letting out creating the pain. Other than that, all is perfectly fine (phew…). This problem can be avoided, and it happens because I do not have regular bowels, and to be healthy you need to have at least twice a day.. better still after every meal (just like babies!) and in order to have regular bowels, eat more fruits, vegetables, drink more water and make sure no IRREGULAR MEAL TIMES that causes gastritis.


And here’s my story on how it led to this ’emergency ward’ incident.

Firstly, I’ve always been having irregular meals thus, my irregular bowels (and sometimes constipation) which I dismissed it as normal for me because simply just don’t have a regular routine (my kids have it though)… Sometimes, I have nothing coming out for 2 days because generally I didn’t really eat anything much during that two days (which led to the reason why I have gastric so often) So I dismissed it as, ‘no amount big enough to come out’. Secondly, my concept of drinking water means anything liquid that includes coffee, teh tarik, milo panas, coke and cold water… Thirdly, I am just not a fruit person. Yes, I do love bananas! But I don’t have a habit of eating it everyday. Lastly, I only eat vegetables that is home cooked, because veges outside taste really disgusting. Even then, I don’t eat big amount of vegetable too. Except this one time Salad Atelier opened just right below the office I worked at, practically I’m consuming my considerably huge amount of vege every two to three days. And of course, I don’t do regular exercise. Yes, I walk my dog, yes I cycled my dogs, yes sometimes I jog… but they are all not on regular basis. Practically speaking, I have no healthy lifestyle routine. Because simply I am biting more than I can chew with the amount of time I have in a day.

Because of this incident, I think back and realized how much this crappy lifestyle of mine (which I personally think was pretty OK and normal) have and can caused sickness and health issues in the long run which probably even more difficult to deal with as age.

As much as how I still look like a college kid, or sometimes pass as a high school teen, I am already 29 years old. I am now admitting that I am aging and the lifestyle I have now simply just won’t let it pass as I grow older. I was younger and I have the strength and health to dismissed it, but now, my lack of exercise and unhealthy habits has led to more bone aches, stress, and more often now, gastric and constipation.

 So, this is my aging story and how i scare the shit out of myself due to ignorance…


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