Celebrating Our Dogs Simple Bark-day

Happy 2nd Bark-day to our dogs (also known as our kids)!

When I know Terra bark-day was coming, (in my head) I was thinking to plan something big. You know a party where they can eat all the treats they want, played and run along with other dogs till they get tired, and completely just for a day, its their kinda day. But then, as I think and plan deeper, I find out that ‘they don’t exactly really bother about their bark-day’. In fact they are completely clueless about it. Organizing a big party with all the treats they can take, will most likely make their stomach upset… (or possibility of food wastage) and running around with other furry kids with no discipline is gonna pose a bigger threat to their obedience (dogs constantly need to be reminded that they need to be obedient and consistency is very important).

So I only end up, doing it really simple, at the very last minute…

I got off work slightly over time, and then rushed to IPC to get this from Blink Pet Bakery.

A simple fruit based cake from Blink Bakery @ IPC.

The mini cake was about a size of a pie and is around RM15.90 (I think). The kids are meant to share… if each of them finish a whole cake by themselves, I’ll probably be getting headaches due to upset tummy (so i didn’t want to risk it).

“Can this be eaten?”

Oh, I got a small party hat too. I think it’s pretty cute for pictures, but Terra never really like wearing any costume, even a small little thing.


Cloudy on the other hand, is really vain. He seems to not bother what I put on him. LOL


We purposely waited until the end of the day to do it. This is because my kids are very routine and we prefer that a lot. When you have dogs that are running on a routine clock, they’ll feel more secure, comfortable, respected and of course a big benefit for us to keep them inside the house is OBEDIENCE. Usually when we came back from travel trips that our dogs have to be sent to nanny, they came back really naughty, so if possible, we never really want to screw up their daily routine .. haha. 


I am not really the type that I let them bite of the cake just like that, so I feed them one by one with a spoon. Of course, they’d only get to eat it if they are calmly sitting down. Yes, this a ‘reward’ for them, so we need to make sure that they know that only when they’re good they get the reward.


Eating without aggression – this is an achievement unlocked for us. During Terra’s puppy hood, she has food aggression. She likes to horde her food and bite / or snap at Cloudy or anyone if we come close to her food. Seeing now that she can be calmly doing this, proves that training does work… (it just takes bit more time that you expected)


Bark-day or not, it doesn’t make any difference to them. They probably don’t know what’s going on. They’d only know that they get treats when they are good. Even on occasions, we cannot let our guard down, and everything we do, is a training for them to be better.

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.
(I am still working on my training, its been two years, and guess what? my training still hasn’t stop – which is totally my bad, because I can be so inconsistent and lazy sometimes…) 

To many more bark-days with our kids!


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