Hiking at Gasing Hill, PJ

It’s the first time we brought our kids (huskies) to hike.

We have been researching for a while now and in Kuala Lumpur; it’s really difficult to find public nature activities you can do with your dogs. Most forest reserves and parks, are no dogs allowed – if you ask me, it’s pretty dump our country invented such law. While there are monkeys around everywhere that can pose more dangerous threat to hikers, they decided to ban dogs. Anyway, back to our hike.

So we have only heard that many dog owners brought their dog to Gasing Hill for hike. And here we are!

the ‘Jalan Telok’ entrance

I heard that there were 3 entrances, but we took the one that’s the most obvious which it’s totally google direction friendly. The entrance is along the housing areas (jelly to those who are staying so nearby that they get to stay healthy everyday with their dogs!)

motivational boards to inspire you to behave while not ruining the place.


After about 15 minutes or so, we’ve reached a small observation deck.


It was humid, but it wasn’t hot. So it was a good hike up. Then we continue on. Honestly the path wasn’t really bad. In fact it had steps that you can easily hike up and down. As usual Cloudy and Terra gets very excited with new smell, so we’re glad that the beginning trail wasn’t difficult so we have enough time to calm them down; tiring them for the continuous trail.

Terra enjoying her hike. She was waiting for me while i took this pic.
Our trail downwards. It was kinda scary, and it’s a little slippery but glad that Terra behave so well, and we confidently hike down.

We continue on, and then we saw a ‘anak sungai’ (stream). We’re like, yay, our kids gets to play with water and cool down then. But when we reached, it was a nice looking place with a stream in a middle called (taman denai). So it was a park! There were a few malay kids playing over there, so we decided to stay away in case you know, we create any commotion. I was hoping and wishing they’d be inviting enough to let us cool down for a bit, but I guess their expressions says it all.

We sat on a floor for a bit, drink some water, and then move on. But we’re a little lost because our trail now seems different. We’re lucky to have met a good samaritan to lead us out back to our original trail (he has been hiking for 15 years everyday)

After about 45 min, we finally nearing to the entrance / exit. It was a good hike and exercise. Our kids were very happy at the end.

Some things to note if you’re bringing your dogs.

  • bring more water and conserve them. You can get very thirsty in between the hike and you need to note that your dog needs to drink too. So bring enough water for all of you.
  • make sure your dogs are on lead at all times! Because on our way, we see many weird plants and mushroom, which I’m not too sure whether it’ll be poisonous to them. So we keep them close to us and enough space to hike. And definitely no sniffing without permission.
  • pick up after your dog and don’t inconvenient others (this is basic knowledge if you’re bring dogs out..
  • go when the weather is humid and not scorching hot. Our dogs are huskies and the weather we went was pretty great.. it was humid, and it was 3.30pm.. so is the time when the hill is not full with people yet.
  • Go in groups and make sure you remember your trail. You can get lost if you can’t remember them or unfamiliar, and it’s pretty scary to be alone too.

And that’s all about our hiking day! It was a fun outing altogether. šŸ™‚



    • Hi, Ive seen some owners bring their large breeds too, as long as theyre kept on lead and behave. But i do suggest going on non peak hours as i find you’ll get to enjoy a little bit more for your furkid and also less stressful for them.

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