image Soon-to-be Professional Pet Groomer

I’m so looking forward to this day! I’ve finally decided on a path and going for it. I guess my babies dogs changes me, or more like given me a new perspective of myself. Or maybe is just purely going through what people say the ‘phases’ of life.

Reaching to this decision was really complicated to begin with. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I was sure I wasn’t happy – is like you know.. ‘quarter-life crisis’. Everyone tells me that they feel the same at this age, and it’ll sort of like ‘you’ll get pass it soon’ then you would be back to your normal self. BUT BUT, i didn’t want to just pass it through and go back to my normal self. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very passionate about what I do for a living, but the sad reality of the advertising and the all part of growing up lessons in this industry is really exhausting me – to a point, I felt like I am really dead inside.

So, I’ve heard about pet grooming back when I was 12. I’m blessed enough to be surrounded by families who loves and adores pets (well, more of dogs). So, knowing about the pet industry wasn’t really entirely new to me. I have heard good and bad experiences in this business. Some did well, some did not. – And I came to a conclusion that opportunities are made not wait. My boyfriend made a very good point on this.

To make a change and make my opportunities, I sign up for a course, to learn everything from the basics and work my way up the ladder. And this is the beginning of a 2nd chance in my life at 29 years. I’m not really sure if I am going to be good at it. But I realized that if I don’t change myself or even try to go for it, nothing will change in my life.

My guinea pigs for now. #lifeasahuskymama


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