Puppy OR Baby?

Recently I have been doing a lot of research about baby products, games and parenting.
Disclaimer: I am not expecting, don’t be alarmed. I am just mainly doing it for my work.

While I was doing all these readings and corridor surveys from mommies and daddies, I realized just how tough and rewarding parenting can be. Surprisingly, there are many common things I can relate and even feel the same way too! This could probably because I have two fur-babies. LOL 😛

Here are some of things I found in common. (It may be wrong or it might be deeper than this, but at the moment this is how I can relate or well, practice for my ‘future baby’)

Diaper selection
We all know babies need diapers. And thus, the quality and price is very important. While human mommies are selecting and trying out the different sizes and diapers brands out there in the market (even before birth) I somehow  related our memory when we were trying to source for the best and the cheapest wee wee pads in town (and don’t forget the sizes) with good absorbency and fast drying plus cost efficient. LOL!


Potty training
Pup-mommies started potty training as early as 7 weeks old. While babies started their potty training probably 2 – 3 years old. And the command we all use to signal potty time…… SHH SHH! and POO POO! I find this really funny somehow. LOL.

2015-03-18 07.52.40

Drooling moments
Having their meals all over the place and then cleaning up after. Also, yes they drool kan! You’ll end up carrying a baby-kerchief to wipe of their drools, mine probably well tissue to wipe off myself.


Food, organic and nutrients
Until today I am still reading and selecting the right food for my dogs. And I am always constantly worrying on what type of food should I give them or whether or not is it enough nutrients for them. Also with all this organic and natural thing sort of article going on, I can’t really decide.


When they are sick
 I still remember the times when Cloudy was sick. I woke up every 3 hours to check on him. And Terra’s kennel cough, never stop me from worrying about whether her condition is getting better. I think it’s pretty similar to human mommies when their baby is sick and unable to tell you where is hurting. You kinda keep guessing, keep checking, and keep worrying until you feel that they are all better.

2015-05-08 07.53.12

Selecting a proper groomer or boarding place
I relate to well…. selecting a pre-school. WTF. Human mommies asked for advises, checked out the place, talked to other mommies about a certain selected pre-school on the condition and the social skills their child would gain. Well the process I find, no different from selecting the right groomer and a perfect boarding place for my two monster huskies. Of course, I do agree ours are not as extensive as human mommies and daddies would feel. But it sorta similar.

2015-04-16 17.09.51

Putting words into their minds
Babies will start talking at probably a year old to two. Well dogs don’t talk ever. So yeah, before your baby learns the word, we all put words into their minds judging by how they look at you, and what is their expression at that moment. Let’s admit, we do the same baby talking! The only difference I find in this, is that I’ll probably baby talk for the next 15 years…

2015-04-14 18.10.13

Park going and play time
Yes, every weekend is dog time. Ever since we have gotten our two very lovable husky, we have devoted our weekends just for them. Like how real mommies and daddies are, weekends is all about the ‘kids’. We frequent dog friendly parks and cycling is part of our must do list. After that, socializing them and letting them meet new and other dogs is also important to learn the ‘dog social skills’ .. the same reason why kids are encourage to go to school.

Let’s hear if you have any puppy VS baby moments to share?

Till then, I will only truly understand parenting when I have my own real one. But I’m now a sort of proud mama too! 🙂


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