The Morning After Cafe…

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

I’m always up for dog friendly cafes and here we came across ‘The Morning After’ cafe that serves an all day breakfast meal and other dining meals. Their main star I would say is their coffee. I am not really a coffee expert, or a food critic, so I am gonna skip that. What I am going to write about is … that we totally love the environment!

The outdoor seating is cooling with 3 big fans and spacious enough for two Siberian Husky to hang around. I first checked out the place under a friend’s recommendation and I went over with Terra (my furry girl). The waitress with purple streaks hair is so sweet and friendly. I had a good chat and hanging out with my girl-friend too.

2015-04-27 11.42.08

The next visit, I went there with boyfie and this time with two of my husky, Cloudy and Terra. We decided to have a brunch date. We sat at the same table and this time we ordered their breakfast and two latte.

Eggs Benedict (rating 5/10)2015-05-02 11.13.21

Mexican Fare (rating: 8/10)
2015-05-02 11.20.23

Latte (rating: 7/10)
2015-05-02 11.08.52

*The ratings are just based on my commoner taste bud.

But I enjoyed it over there because I don’t have to leave my pooches behind and they get a taste of under table mexican fare.. 😛  There were a few unsure passerby and children walking pass, but we ensure that they are perfectly friendly and doesn’t bite. Our silly boy can look quite scary to some kids…

2015-05-02 13.39.26 2015-05-02 11.30.27 2015-05-02 11.21.31

I am not very sure how long their cafe is open to dogs (especially big dogs); But I am glad we get to checked it out.

The address:
A-G-3, ATIVO Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara
KL, Malaysia.
Opens : 8am till 10pm

You may check out their Facebook page here

PSA: Specifically ‘big’ dog-friendly cafes are hard to come by so when we found one, we are very glad. And I hope that we can open more minds for others when you want to bring your furkid out to public areas, please ensure it is controlled and well behaved. Is not the dog that is the issue for banning pets, but is your responsibility. Some cafes doesn’t mind having your dog outdoor provided that they do not interfere in waitress / waitresses serving food, and no food feeding off your pet from the utensils. Be considerate that they are also serving other races and culture for their businesses. If possible, you may shorten your dog leash under table or have them in your pet stroller. At the end of the day we all just want an enjoyable meal together with our pooches 🙂


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