My sibe boy , Cloudy..

It’s been exactly 1 month since Cloudy came out from the vet with the balls chopped off (I have no better more direct way to say it). He is 8 months old when we bring him to the vet. To some, I may sound like a cruel owner for neutering my boy at such a young age. Well just to make myself clear, I do my readings and research as well as gather opinions from many owners and veterinarians before making our decision. No matter how many research and observation we have done, we still wouldn’t know it until it is done. And now, it is done and is 1 month pass.

The result… We are satisfied. Very.

Research & Observation Period.
When we have fall in love with a male puppy (our decision to get Cloudy), we have already warned ourselves that this cute pooch here may turn into a humping monster and marking territory everywhere. And our decision which also impulsively come and go in  our brain that we’re gonna reserve part of our funding to neuter this boy. Cloudy was 6.5 weeks at that time. And from then our research and speaking to many experts and non-experts about neutering. We decided at 6 months we would do it. Better earlier than later.

6 months later… Terra arrived.
We know we have a male puppy and very much spoilt puppy at this time. But he was a sweet little pup that doesn’t do much damage other than giving us hell when we walk him and trying to hump a teddy bear that I thought it would be a cute toy for him. He was six months and we think is still too soon! He started humping the bear day and night until it is all wet. And damn, he was only 6 months. Who would have thought 6 months male puppy is reaching puberty. Some tell us it was dominance, some tell us he’s simply just growing  up and will grow out of it. Anyway, I never like him developing that behaviour, so we threw the teddy bear away. Then after we never see him humping anything.. except there were a few time he was doing it to Terra (then an 8 week old puppy) which we corrected him not to do it!

Finally we decided. 
We brought him to Desa Park City and he goes to every tree to leave a pee. Like seriously every single tree! God knows how much water he drinks before that to have that amount of pee coming out. But we noticed a few times that there aren’t any pee, just the habit of him lifting his leg high up and did it. And then every female dog he smell from miles away.. he went chasing. I wouldn’t say he was aggressive or dominant. He just simply get excited too quickly.  I called up our vet and say, we want to make an appointment to neuter him and seek advise what is the best approach. We decided.

The night before ‘D’ day. 
We are normal but I think Cloudy seems to sense that we were acting normal. There were no particular specialty the night before. Just usual night and the same sleeping time. But he seems to know we have something up. He didn’t really fall into deep sleep. And when morning reaches, as early as 7.30am….

The next morning (‘D’ day)
I got myself prepared and leash them then go. 9am sharp we reached the vet and as normal as I can be, i pass on the leash to the nurse and off he went. I did not even say a thing. (It was best for him at that moment). He didn’t even look back… In the car i was like… oh my he didn’t even look back! Terra had her micro-chipped the same day and she was whining for her brother to be with her. .. 😦 That make me misses him.

That evening … we bring him home. 
It’s just only a day surgery. No overnight or such. The vet thinks i’m too paranoid like as if he’s doing a big surgery. SWT. We picked him up at 6pm. He happily walk out, tongue out. A bit dopy from the anesthesia but he was still my usual troll face boy.. He is still my happy Cloudy. Took him home, let him get back to his comfortable area and rest. An hour later, we gave him food and water and steam chicken. He is still the same happy Cloudy we have. It was a little reddish down at his wound but he was fine.

Then & NOW. 
We brought him to the park , he still sniff at every single pole or trees he came across, but he never raise his leg anymore. He never humps or attempt on any dog that is because he hasn’t really developed that behavior. (I can’t guarantee if he will learn this though). He doesn’t constantly chase or follow any female husky anymore. He calmly just sniff and mind his own business unless there’s an excited dog running around he’ll go after. His brain do most of the thinking now.. though he still can smell things miles away. At least I’m happy we poke him likely and he gets snapped out of it. He’s a much calmer dog? Urmh Cloudy was never a high energy dog to begin with. I just think he matures now.

Now the question many people ask me. How is his recovery and what does he feel after?

Well, how the dog feels is actually what made up from your own mind. We want to think that he is in pain, then he is in pain. But we didn’t. He was active, our Cloudy boy. A bit sleepy because of the antibiotics (any meds will make you drowsy). We let him have his rest, the next morning he’s already chasing Terra like he never had a surgery. He does occasionally sniff the wound, but he’ll get over it after. So yes, our vet is right… is just another routine surgery with no worries.. The percentage of risk is very low. Is he a happy dog now? Yes of course he is. That’s because I’m happy and less worried about bringing him out … 😛

Does he feels anything missing? 
I can confidently say based on Cloudy’s experience…. he does not FEEL ANYTHING MISSING AT ALL!





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