All set for 2015!

2014 has been a great and busy year! Not so much at the beginning of 2014, but more so after March 2014 that kinda over spilled to the beginning 2015.  I guessed it’s pretty obvious that everyone had to adjust some changes in life once you’ve got someone new in your life.

I didn’t expect it will be this much of changes though. LOL!

To summarized it, I got an amazing boyfriend (which up till this date only 11 months of togetherness), traveled to Sydney, gotten two amazing huskies and now officially a new house owner … waiting for completion date.

My lifestyle has completely changed since we got our first kid dog back in August 2014 and then more changes when we got our 2nd one back in December (the last day of the year). I have been rather busy adjusting and also new planning to change my course of future. I have been looking to switch jobs, finding my passions in life, and well a bit here and there for my future planning… But ended up, deciding on an investment far too big than I can imagine. I’m totally excited btw! I have never been this excited, worried and then excited at the same time. I guess right now, I’ll just have to be patiently waiting with contentment until our home is ready. I do have to say goodbye to overseas travel this year and my luxuries to save up for our rainy days… It was a BIG sacrifice, but I know it’s all worth it! We can still afford some short road trips with our dogs within the country. Well everyone deserve a holiday once in a while!

When we were signing tonnes and tonnes of documents to get everything legal, I was excited, worried and shocked. I have never experienced such things in life. I mean… is so overwhelming and my brain (though still trying to remain calm and containing my emotions) flashed through so many memories and plans and everything else… And at that moment, I can only say God made plans for you at a perfect timing. I am truly blessed by Him. I would say everything from the moment we got our dogs up till the day we decided on our house till our official signing of documents, it feels to me the timing were all planned out! I admit that there were a little struggle and hiccups along it but is not something major that we can give up easily. It was just for the moment when we were both so tired and all worked up for the  day. As soon as we calm ourselves down, everything just sorta fall back into place.

I’d like to apologized to my friends that I have totally did not catch up with. You’re not ignored I swear! I’ve just been tiny teeny busy with my two huskies and the changes I’m going through. Most of my time has been just filled with training for the dogs, vet visits, dog parks and all. My life right now is just all about them… But once I settled them, I’ll definitely want to catch up with everyone. I’m still active on Facebook and will be keeping them active just so that everyone else (and me) can still keep up.

2015-02-01 10.41.21

2015-01-26 14.39.03 2015-02-03 21.11.26 2015-02-01 17.15.56


It’s a lot of chew at the moment, but I know everything will only get better for all of us (2 dogs and 2 humans).. XD



I’m already and set for 2015!


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