Treats For Cloudy

Treats are very important to Cloudy. And the different treats sizes makes a huge impact on Cloudy’s learning capabilities.

You might ask how so? Let me try and explain what I have observed from Cloudy’s reaction towards different treats sizes. And then you can determine yourself.

Begin with normal dog biscuit – Beef liver flavors. I would say these are bite sizes. To Cloudy these are good deeds treats. Whenever he did pee/poo at the right place or do as I told he gets one of these. Now it has become a routine. Not exactly his most favorite one (trust me you can tell seriously) but is what he can get out of it daily. The ingredients are just simple and it doesn’t do too much to his tummy, so feeding him these daily works. Cloudy takes at least 8 – 10 pieces of this per day, or even more. Price.. RM18.90 you got about 200g. Sometimes I give him these when he’s such a good boy; not being destructive or crazy. Hence it’s good deed treats.


Small bite size biscuits treats for potty training. Cloudy started with bite size milk biscuit at 6.5 weeks old. During when the time house breaking is so important to us. We reward him whenever we want to train him the same thing few times at one go and he can swallow it fast. Now, lactose and husky aren’t really best friends. Though Cloudy has not symptoms of diarrhea from milk, I have heard many husky do. Anyway, milk biscuit is currently out of stock and Cloudy is already toilet trained. BUT, we still have high-5 tricks, sit and stay and come… or whichever tricks you can think of. I have replaced the bite size to a puppy biscuit. It’s not really Cloudy-fancy, and he takes it like he didn’t even chew! But it works when you’re trying to repeatedly do action and reward your pup. A small 100g only cost RM6. Chicken flavor. I call this Trick biscuit.

Photo 30-11-2014 10 49 30 pm

Grooming a husky pup can be frustrating. They have too much energy and they obviously won’t sit still. I still have a lot of hard time brushing and cleaning Cloudy. Being a husky owner, you gotta brush him otherwise you’re living with clogs of fur every where in your face. Getting Cloudy sit still and let me patiently brush him repeatedly is a pain in the ass. I have read many online tutorials to train my husky to love brushing. Honest opinion, it works for like the first 2 times and then he got smart and he just move his butt away. That’s before I discovered the magical tool! The brushing chew strips! Believe me, this is fantastic. I give Cloudy a strip, order him to lay down and I let him chew till he’s done. He’s totally don’t even bother what I’m doing. Now when I did this repeated, he’ll know he’ll expect this and he put his nose to the grooming tray searching for treats. This chew strips would at least keep Cloudy busy for about 6 – 8 minutes and believe me, these few minutes is precious when brushing your dog. Usually after 1 strip Cloudy would get it that it is brushing time, so he’ll just sigh and let me do him. But when he’s a little too energetic, I gave him the 2nd stick 😛 . I call this the ‘grooming chew’. Price around RM11.90 for a box of 25 chews.

Photo 30-11-2014 10 49 02 pmNow, sometimes going away can be sad for your dog and frustrating for you especially when your pup is overly attached. Cloudy is not overly attached but he do get separation anxieties. To take his attention away, I have the right ‘attention-taker treat’. Is a dog biscuit but slight larger size and take some time to chew.. This is an expensive treat, so I only give him in minimal consumption. The size is excellent for Cloudy as he can’t just swallow but he has to bite. When you opened the box it smells excellent! Thus, Cloudy see this, he’s usually more excited than the rest above. I only use this when I’m going out to work and when I want to take his attention away from something. This is like a … hmm a pampering treat. He doesn’t always need to be good to be rewarded. Haha. Price RM18.90 for 60g.


As a husky owner I still have no idea why Cloudy has be so active some days. Seriously he just run around like a mad dog even I brought him out to walk. And sometimes, he’s extremely destructive. Other than the treat dispenser ball that works wonders keeping him busy, he sometimes gets bored of it too. So I gave him bones to chew. I think dogs being dogs, they really need to chew something otherwise, you can kiss your furniture goodbye! I got Cloudy hard bones treat.  I haven’t selected the best one yet because the previous few ones Cloudy didn’t manage to finish it and got bored till it collect dust there. I haven’t tried greenies yet which I’m planning to. But here’s one that can keep Cloudy busy for at least 20 -45 minutes and after that he KO go to sleep. I would usually give him hard chew bones at night if he still have too much energy to vent out. He’ll chew and then sleep. I guess you can mix and match this with the grooming chew as long as it can keep his attention away from you. I’m looking forward to antler bones, but I have not found one yet!

Photo 30-11-2014 10 49 51 pm

Now, to Cloudy’s most favorite treat. The only treat that will get him jumping and all excited about. The only treat where he’ll sneak up and reach to the table to steal them. Cloudy’s mama very own Chicken Jerky. He totally loves it! Cloudy don’t get this all the time. Only on occasion when his mama feels like making it. This is one treat that you can make Cloudy do anything,.. like seriously anything. Is easy to make and ingredient is just Chicken. Read about how to make here..

Photo 17-11-2014 05 56 58 pmCloudy has recently started obedience class. (it’s the 2nd week now) The first week, though Cloudy did well, but I absolutely fail on treat competition. With my good deed biscuit, I couldn’t really get him to focus. The trainer then have to give me his treat so Cloudy would focus on me. Trainer’s treat is a sausage which is freaking good smell to Cloudy. If only I had chicken jerky that day. (I’m so planning to make the chicken jerky on his exam day.. 😛 ) Anyway, to counter that for the 2nd week, I gotten myself processed chicken jerky from tesco which will give the strong scent to capture his attention. I don’t have time to make homemade jerky, so I gotta find a substitute. Turned out it works! I call this training treat.

Photo 30-11-2014 11 22 43 pm

Now you see how and why different varieties of treats is important. Well at least for Cloudy.

I think he’s a spoilt puppy. At the current moment, Cloudy do have very much variety of different treats and flavors to keep his momentum. As long as it works, I really didn’t mind feeding them. If you ask me how am I gonna keep up with the expenses of treats? Well, I usually go for mid-range treats which is affordable. Of course, I have to look into the ingredients and let Cloudy try it out first to see if his tummy is OK. For good deed biscuit which I feed daily, I buy in bulk! (cheaper!) The others I feed only when is necessary and in minimal feeding.

Photo 30-11-2014 10 50 02 pm

Look at his treat getting face. Beh tahan! A happy Cloudy is a happy mama 🙂

I am only a small time blogger.  All opinions are my own. Product is tested by Cloudy.


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