Dog-parenting Rules

While our country (Malaysia) is not the most dog friendly place in the world, we do have fair share of places we can bring them. I have a predicted high-energy puppy which requires a lot of socialization and walks daily. That means that I constantly have to crack my head on how to adjust to his lifestyle given the fact that he’s partly staying in an 800 sq.ft apartment. I did some readings on dog friendly places, laws on having a dog in a condo/apartment and etc…  If my neighbors report me that I have a 9KG puppy, I can totally get sued and will be asked to either give up my puppy or move away. This is the most saddening part and it gives me heartache whenever this cross over my mind! I’m sure this apply to most pet lovers who can’t afford a landed property. While I can’t give up my desire to have a furry companion. I took the risk to ‘sneak’ my pup into my apartment  with RULES I set for myself to ensure that everyone has a comfortable living environment. And thankfully, its been 2 – 3 months, Cloudy is a happy and loved little sibe.

Here are some of the RULES I set for myself.

1. Sound proofing


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Every pup-child you bring home are bound to make the loudest, most annoying cries in  the entire universe. Same as a new born baby. While humans are generally tolerant to babies crying (that’s because they’re of the same species), some might not be able to take your pup-child whines. I decided to observing the best way to keep Cloudy from making the lesser noise possible and kick-start his routine from there.  Some of the time zone on Cloudy’s no-noise period is 11pm – 7am and weekends. Why you might ask? That’s the time where there’s gonna be the most people staying home. Working hours, Cloudy is allowed to make some barking and noise, but only just quick ones. And during this time, most people are out to work / schools for children, so they don’t usually notice noises. Of course, I do agree you need to keep your pup-child on NO BARKING unnecessarily behaviour!

2. Determining the toilet area and ensure you clean it daily


This is totally important. Who would  want to keep smelling your dog poop and pee. I’m sure you don’t want that kinda smell constantly in your house. Cloudy did most of his business in the balcony and having said that, I need to understand that its an open environment while our units are so closed to each other, I need to clean his ‘toilet’ almost every time he did his business. No matter where you stay you need to ensure cleaning on your pup-child’s discharge.

3. Public areas to stay away


Swimming pool, BBQ area, cafeteria and children’s playground is a big NO NO for Cloudy. While I’d love to let him occasionally try out the slides or the swing, but I’m not the only one using it and I would not know what kinda damage and impact my pup-child will pose if I let it took that risk. Know and understand this from the start even before you got your pup home. These are the kind of areas you’d have to sacrifice when you have your pup-child.

4. PICK UP after your pup-child


(image sourced from internet)

In an apartment, we don’t have a luxury to walk Cloudy except the parking compound (which is everyone’s road). Cloudy usually don’t do business on walks, but there was one time he was having diarrhea and he couldn’t control it. I ran back upstairs to put him back and I ran down to clean his wet poop. I make that initiative so that everyone has comfortable environment. After all is my own pup-child’s discharge. This of course does not apply to just in my apartment. It applies EVERYWHERE in public areas. I’ve seen too many inconsiderate owners just let it leave there and expect cleaners, the sun to dry it up or the rain to wash away.

Note: Owners, please be considerate to pick up after your pup-child.

5. Be friendly!


Always be friendly and always ensure your neighbours that your pup-child is a friendly creature. Let them know that having a neighbour with a dog also helps protects their home from theft. (This is just my wise thinking… ) Don’t ever give your neighbours a chance to hate you and then kick you away by letting your dog be an excuse to it. There are some scenarios that neighbours already dislike the tenant and decided to get rid of them by complaining on rules breaking. Seriously, the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, but this can happen!

6. Train your pup-child


Many people have different perception on dogs (in this case a siberian husky). Honestly my parents still think that my husky is gonna be troublesome. They’re technically not wrong if i don’t control it. I constantly and still is worry-ing about my pup-child’s behaviour everyday! I totally have no idea what he’ll do next and how he’s gonna ransack my comfy house. Cloudy does not make a lot of noise, but I’m never 100% sure about that! And if one day that happen, I make sure I had a plan on hand to counter attack that. The worse thing a neighbour would want is an aggressive animal living close-by.

7. Using the lift


(image sourced from internet)

This is gonna be a constant debate… Lift is definitely consider as a public area and definitely you’ll need to share with some others going through floors. While I’m an extremely lazy fur-parent, I always insist on using lifts. But I make an effort to wait a longer time. There are two service lift and usually if I see someone inside, I wouldn’t go and would wait for the next one. If while i boarded into the lift, and on the next floor someone board it, I usually keep close my Cloudy by holding his collar and bring him close to my leg to ensure the others that I’m controlling my dog or I’ll carry him. This is not to say that your pup-child misbehave but mainly I’m trying to send out a message that I am in control of my dog and they don’t have to worry about the dog inside the lift.

8. Be close to your security guards.


Throughout the years, I’ve learnt to be very close to my security guards. We have come a long way of countless arguments and change of security guards who knows shit about reasoning (This was before Cloudy) and we came to a conclusion of forgiving and ‘you happy i happy’ attitude. They constantly see me driving Cloudy in and out. (How can i possibly hide a husky?) and I will give a soft smile or wave at them. And while they are roaming the vicinity, and i bumped into them while walking Cloudy, I’d drop by and say hi and they’d ask about Cloudy. This is both beneficial to me. I have an extra eye on my unit now 😛 Sometimes, the strict rules from my management really drive me crazy! But think about it, they’re just trying to eliminate possible unwanted scenarios happening.

This is just some of my opinions I’ve been observing and keeping me and my pup-child under control.

Hopefully, when everyone learn to be considerate to each other, there can be more pet-friendly places opening up.



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