Legoland, Malaysia

Finally it’s opened ! Well it was officially opened in September and I only got to visit now.

Everybody whose living in Malaysia has been really anticipating this. There’s many reviews (good and bad) but I reckon you should really visit yourself to find out!

First off, I’m a big kid and I adore theme parks. Not that I’ve visited many (only Disneyland, HK & USS, SG) T.T . Overall my visit was okay, except that it was really a hot SUNNY day and I guess the workers are pretty much tired working all day on this weather.

I was greeted with some (not all) friendly staff working at the park. Unlike the other two theme parks I’ve visited, Legoland is kinda lacking training in this area.. but I certainly believed they can be improved.

The rides are pretty mild and majority I would say it is targeted to kids around 4-11 years. So for whoever think that Legoland is rubbish, please consider that this was a themepark for kids and meanty to compliment USS, Singapore. I would say it’s pretty up to standard for Malaysia to have their 1st international theme park. It’s a first step to more improvements.

The only thing I find that is really crappy and it should be better is the 4D show. It’s really boring and has not excitement or thrill.

Here are some pictures I took on my visit. 🙂






I really would love to get on the junior Driving school – it looks really fun for kids and I had fun watching them drive too!

For daddy and mummy who wants to bring their kids, it’s totally a good choice. If you have a kid around 3-8 years, I bet they’re gonna have loads of fun in the park.

Shopping is pretty expensive here. The same price as any toy’r’us. Some reviewers mentioned that they have 🙂 more varieties. I’m not a Lego fan so i’m not sure.

For lego fans who expect a big surprise, I’m so sorry to tell you, there’s really nothing exciting for adults.

Entrance fees:
Book online if you want to get it cheaper than normal rates.

Have fun! XOXO


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