Koh Lipe; hidden paradise

On January, I had an awesome sun and sandy vacation. I visited Koh Lipe, Thailand. I know a lot of people might not heard about this small island, and this place is really wonderful and relaxing. It’s just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

A little brief background : Koh Lipe is a small island out on the Southern part of Thailand, nearby Satun province. So far, I only manage to find two routes to the island (i’m not sure if there’s anymore routes though) which is travelling from Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia or Pak Bara Pier, Satun in Hat Yai, Thailand. I choose to reach my destination from Hat Yai because of a really good flight deals to Hat Yai with AirAsia. And this is the beginning of my sweet awesome journey…

I first touched down in Hat Yai and had to do 1 day overnight due to the flight and ferry schedule clash. So i did a little walking around nearby the hotel (V.L HatYai) which is located in the town. Man… i seriously enjoy Thai food, especially roadside stalls.

The next early morning, I departed for 2 hours journey ride to Pak Bara Pier via minivan. Fees was 300baht return. And the speedboat ride to Koh Lipe Island was 1200baht return (about 1.5 hours ride)

Halfway through the ride, I could already see the island. Man, i was extremely excited and has a thoughts of just jumping into the sea and swim over. Anyway, the speedboat stop at a floating dock in order for us to transfer into long tail boats. Speedboats aren’t allowed to go near the island because the people there wanted to preserve the remaining corals. My thought was that the waters are pretty shallow and there’s quite a number of hard coral rocks around.

It was like a Pasar page of long-tail boats shouting to which beaches they are transporting you too. Mine was to Pattaya Beach šŸ™‚

Finally, i reached my destination (after the long hours of journey and luggage transporting)

What an achievement! Frankly speaking, it’s my first time journey-ing myself to an island.. and in this case, a not so popular island with no direct flight. Totally proud of myself on getting there safely!

I checked-in to a deluxe room Ricci House Resort along Walking Street. I totally recommend this resort. The breakfast though in small portion but taste was good. The rooms were clean and the receptionist speaks Hokkien. LOL! It’s not beach resort but the location is definitely +1 . It’s along walking street (so you can enjoy the night entertainment, and it’s between Pattaya beach and Sunrise beach within short walking distance)

After I chill a little while exploring my small deluxe chalet, the remaining hours and days are just pretty much exploring and enjoying myself in the island.

This is a view from Sunset beach!

The water is extremely clear (like clear waters) and you can already see fishes swimming around the shore if you keep quietly still. But beware of sea urchins and pokey rocks.

Sunbathing at Sunrise Beach

Taking a walk on low tide period

Wide angle!

After 4 days in paradise island.. it’s time to say bye-bye.

Had a really wonderful relaxing trip! Totally gonna visit again someday.



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