Cocobay , the worst ever!

This would be the worst apartment I have ever experienced so far and i am not afraid to shout it out! And it seems that management kinda predict our complaints when we confronted them. The worst apartment in Port Dickson and my advise, don’t even think about booking this place at all.

*Pictures are taken by a colleague of mine*

First our girls unit was on the 5th floor and we couldn’t find a lift, so we are to drag ourselves up. And you know we are already dead by the stairs and we have to see this???.. It does look haunted!

You wouldn’t wanna see the this… it’s a dead lizard’s body. On the railings. OMG! Disgusting!

Already they doesn’t have a good first impression, and now they’re trying to heat me till death. Super old school aircond is not freaking working.

There’s no proper shower in the bathroom and how do you expect girls to stay?? And no heater!!!

No toilet seat. Our emotions are already boiling by the time we have see this and look at the freaking stain! I wonder how they expect us to stay and pay that much of an amount for a day.

No sink.. how to wash face?

And now they’re trying to starve us.

The boiling point maximum was NO WATER!! How can you not have water for girls??? Wait, i mean, how can you not have a water for anyone in a right mind to go for a relaxing holiday without water???

Our company book 3 units in total and all 3 of them is as crappy as it can get.

Thankfully, we decided we should just leave this place and get our refund.


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