Universal Studios Singapore

Last weekend, Daddy took me to Universal Studios Singapore. I had a whole lot fun with my baby half-sister!

Going to the themepark is rather easy. If you’re going from Johor Bahru (budgetable) You can go to any bus station and purchase the RWS bus at RM5 one way and it’ll stop you right at Resort World . Or you can opt to take a bus down to any destination in Singapore, take the MRT to VivoCity and take the monorail to Sentosa Island. Anyway, it’s really convenient to get there.. lots of alternatives you can take unlike KL *sweat*

There’s too many pictures i took and i figures i shouldn’t spoil it for you, i’ll keep most to myself.

Down below is the all the pictures i’m only gonna share.

I know you readers would be dying to ask what are the must see must rides. So here you go. The must see….

Shrek 3D show! you’re sure gonna be surprised. Guarantee!
Donkey live show, if you like some all time interaction with Donkey. My baby sister enjoyed it. Me not much actually.
Waterworld Show – Don’t miss out the tedious and awesome show.

And here’s the must ride … *drum rolls*
Battlestar Galatica , Yes the red and blue one you sure need to try!
Revenge of the mummy, if you wanna try some different rollercoastering experience.
The flying explorer in the Dinosaurland is something light and enjoyable. It’ll cool you down a little on a hot day

If you’re bringing young children, there’s loads more you’ll enjoy. My baby sister loved the Madagascar boat ride that she wanted to take a second round.

It’s a nice small and cozy themepark. There’s only one setback for Malaysians like me is that every merchandise is x2.4 conversion so i everything is kinda expensive to me *sad face*

Step into Universal Studios at least once – checked!


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