Sawasdee, Bangkok

This is the second time I set my foot in Bangkok, Thailand (2 weeks before the flood incident. God bless!)

I traveled to Bangkok on 22 September to 25 September 2011 with the objective to do bazaar shopping!

We booked our travel via airasia go during a Bangkok promo. Waaay before any news happen.

Since it was a 2 hour plane ride, i decided to make my comfy watching the best HK drama. By far, this is still the most ridiculous but entertaining drama if you know what i’m talking about. Teeeheee…

Our hotel stay was at FurumaXclusive Sathorn which is in Silom area. Once we landed and checked out, we hop into a cab to bring us to the hotel. It was only about 25-30minutes ride from the airport and the taxi cost 400baht. The hotel frontdesk were very friendly despite speaking very little english. We were both given a complimentary free drink and it taste funny btw…

We chilled a while in the room, relax and do some movie watching before heading to Bangkok central. While i’m there, of course i wouldn’t miss my chance to do some shopping!!

The next day, we headed to Chao Phraya with the intention of visiting Wat Arun (the one i missed the previous year)

I came to realize that the climbing is really really steep! OMG. Just kill me. For girls, please don’t be so gaya and wear skirts or even if you wear long skirts; when you do the climbing, u’re revealing too.

The view from the top. Did i mention that i’m afraid of heights?? *shaking**

After a long tired climb, it’s awesome to go grab a coconut and chill. I drop by at one of the cafe’s nearby to enjoy my drink. A little note to future travelers, don’t get tempted to buy the coconut drink right at Wat Arun because it’s super overpriced!! The normal rates for a coconut is 20baht or at most 30baht only

Along the Grand Palace, you can do some street marketing. And here i spotted something really scary. Doesn’t it look so real to you? What a statue -.-”

The people ooozing out from the famous weekend market “Chatuchak”! Man it was tiring but i had loads of grabs from there!

Before we go, we made a stop at Siam Paragon. Their LG market has a place where they can help you watch your luggage while you shop around which is pretty awesome to me since i’ve already checked out of my hotel.

On our way back to the airport we did not take cab. We decided to go on the airport rail link BTS which is only 45baht one way and it reaches airport within 45 minutes. Since our flight was pretty late, we decided to chill around Siam Central and then when it’s time we’ll take the BTS to airport link. The plan works our perfectly. It was so convenient and affordable.

Love Bangkok so much and wish i could go back again next year for another shopping spree. For now, i’ll pray for Thailand!


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